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We don’t seem to be able to make it more than two weeks on most diet changes lately. I can tell you a few of the reasons this time our diet failed but I can’t tell you the whole story since I’m still trying to figure it out myself. My son went back to school part way through our first few weeks. He cheated at school. My husband cheated while I was at work. The hardest part is as the month came to an end, it became really hard. My husband does the cooking and while he’s a good cook, he’s not an overly creative cook. He tries hard. He loves my all natural cooking and organic food but he’s not at a comfortable place learning to cook it. That put a lot of pressure on the both of us.
We haven’t fully given up on the testing for allergies. As I have mentioned before, we were gluten free for two years and dairy free for nearly one year. We know that those are not a problem for us (or not a big problem). Our symptoms didn’t change during those periods. However, we are having some symptoms through this experiment. We have decided to try giving up a food for a week or two and then eating a decent amount to see what happens. We suspect that soy and/or eggs are the problem. I bought a dozen farm fresh eggs and a cube of organic tofu to experiment with this month. We’ve been avoiding the eggs and will be eating some tomorrow with dinner at my Dad’s. That’s a chance to see if the eggs are a problem. I’m not sure how controlled that experiment is but we’re going to wait and see.
The hardest part is that I didn’t exactly feel better when we went off all the allergens but I certainly can tell when I eat something that my body doesn’t like. I get horrible migraines or the worst stomach pain I have ever had. It’s as if my body is rebelling against the food. The worst part is that most of these come from foods I purchase instead of make. It sure puts up an arguement for unprocessed foods and avoiding fast food. Every step we take as a family may not seem productive but I feel like we are moving in the right direction.
We plan on going unprocessed and as organic as possible. This is a tough move we’re making because it’s expensive and we have a really tight budget. That’s why the allergy diet sort of failed – we ran out of the allergy friendly foods and didn’t have the funds to get more. We’re having to learn how to cook and eat differently. I hope that buying better quality foods does a handful of things – lets us be environmentally responsible, gives us higher quality nutrition and encourages us to eat less. In the beginning, we might be hungry but we’re going to learn to fill up on foods that have less calories and are less expensive in the larger picture.
We’re going to be snacking on pickled foods and popcorn. No more deep fried stuff out of a bag (not that we ate those often). We’re going to alter our palates to love good foods and dislike highly processed foods. That’s hard because the whole reason we as a society like highly processed foods is because they taste good. They are filled with salt and sugar which our bodies crave. It’s an outmoded survival mechanism. We need salt and sugar to survive. The cravings encouraged us to seek out those foods when they were scarce. They are no longer scarce. They are plentiful but we haven’t learned how to turn those cravings off. That’s what I want to discover – can we really move away from a modern diet without slipping. We’re not going to become Paleo or Cavemen or anything restrictive like that. We’re going to stick with what we like and learn how to make it with organic and locally grown ingredients.
We’re going to change some things because we want to not because some diet dictates we need to.
In the meantime, I’m going to be taking lots of notes. I’m toying with the idea of writing a few mini-cookbooks in e-book format. That will give us goals to work with. I have four ideas – Pancake Mix, Biscuit Mix, Oatmeal and Pickling recipes but I am thinking I might add Lentils to that idea. There’s a few Lentil books out there but I believe there could be more. If nothing else, I’m going to come up with ultimate recipe for the Lentil Festival next year. I’m excited but I can’t tell you until we see where it all goes.