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This has been a tough week and boy am I feeling it.  This is a short post and tomorrow I’ll probably only post the song of the week.  I have two days before the Lentil Festival which is the largest event we have done as vendors and it’s stressing me out.

I’m not sleeping well because the detoxing is causing horrible leg cramps.  Tonight I’ll be picking up some magnesium supplements and epsom salts to see if I can make those go away.

So far that’s the worst symptom of detox I have.  It’s a busy time at work but things are slowing down so everything should be much smoother sailing next week.  I’m looking forward to it.

Dinner last night was great – I sauteed chicken in fresh herbs from the garden (dill, oregano, thyme and lemon balm).  Then I fried up potatoes and carrots.  It was filling and tasted so good.  I was really shocked to see that with everything I ate yesterday – I was well under 1500 calories (the tracker says just under 1100 but I’m giving it a wide margin of error just in case I ate more potatoes than I thought).

The number on the scale keeps dropping every day.  I don’t believe I am actually losing weight but I seem to be dumping all the excess that has built up in my system.  It’s nice not to feel so bloated and puffy.  My joints are a little achy but I’m taking this as a really good sign that things are happening for the good.  Water retention has a tendency to impact the joints and now all that’s gone so my joints have to re-adapt.

I’m unsure of what foods have caused poor reactions in my body.  It could be the lack of processed foods.  It’s not sodium because I am eating sea salt on everything.  I’m actually craving the salt which is funny.  I’m not craving junk food and I am not even tempted by all the new sweets at the coffee shop (not even tempted by the coffee shop).

I’m hoping the rest of my family feels the same and they are going to see that this is a positive experience.  I hope to ween them off all the extra medications and have us be a completely holistic family but one thing at a time.