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I apologize for the stock photo but the end result of my burgers was rather ugly.  I used Gena Hamshaw’s recipe (not the formula) and ended up with rather wet pasty burger “dough”.  It wasn’t the recipe’s fault.  This week has been our first attempt in the world of quinoa cooking and my husband and I had a miscommunication.  The quinoa ended up being cooked in 5 cups water instead of 3 so it was very paste like.

I thought it would hold the burgers together better but it was very wet.  I had forgotten to make the chickpeas so we used a can of black beans which wasn’t quite 1 1/2 cups but close enough.  I also used 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds and 1/4 cup sunflower seeds because I didn’t have enough pumpkin seeds.

We got fresh oregano from our garden and my son brought me a not so lovely stalk of dill from a neighboring plot (still enough to use in this recipe).  Because everything gets blended I didn’t chop the dill so not all of it blended.  I do recommend chopping, otherwise you will be like me and picking out big bits of dill before cooking.

My last alteration was using plain yellow mustard instead of dijon.  We know we can eat the yellow mustard.

Because the dough was so wet and I didn’t feel like frying – I plopped it down on a baking sheet and baked at 350 for about 20 minutes.  Because these were so wet, the cooking time might have been longer than it would normally be.  I will say we didn’t grease the pan and we should have because they stuck but again that might have to do with the wetness of the burgers.

I know you want to know how did it taste.  I have to tell you that we sampled before cooking and couldn’t stop.  I ate three patties served on a lettuce leaf, topped with mustard and tomato.  The fresh dill and oregano shined through the concoction.  It was a perfect summer flavor.  I could have eaten more.

My son who was complaining ate two servings.  We managed to save one for me to have with lunch today.  They were ugly – brown mushy lumps but the best tasting things I have ever eaten.  I can’t wait to try it again with less mushy quinoa.  I’m not sure I’d do the chickpeas because the black beans were such a great taste.

I didn’t make any side dishes since there was so many foods in these burgers and no one seemed to notice.

Later we snacked on these tiny plums we foraged and almonds that my son roasted.  I may just have to have him write a guest post on roasting almonds because they were amazing.  Maybe I can get him to make a video for you guys since he’s not one who likes the idea of writing.