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If you follow spending “trends” then it doesn’t take long to start to wonder what it is about August that makes it so unfriendly to health.  For those who are always looking for a bargain, August is the month to look for exercise equipment.

Many people make New Year Resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, and/or exercise more.  This leads to a good portion of them taking advantage of store sales to purchase desired equipment.  However, most of those people quit.  Come August, they sell that equipment at steep discounts.  That’s when the frugal vultures know it’s time to invest.

What is it about August that inspires such a trend?  To be honest, I have no idea but it seems to be true.  I was doing rather well with my health goals until the end of July and here we are in August and I’m having to start all over again.

I have some theories – August is a rough month.  Here in the Palouse it’s hot.  The weather is nearly unbareable.  The heat of summer doesn’t start here until mid-July and at that time we’re so grateful that we don’t notice it until it doesn’t go away.  By August we’re sweltering.  The worst part is that the heat never lasts long so few have air conditioning.  (This summer it’s not so bad because we still have cold nights but some summers the nights stay hot leaving us all cranky and miserable.)

August is the time of last minute vacations.  It’s the time we transition from summer into back to school and fall.  The kids are bored because all the summer fun activities have ended (or atleast a good portion have ended here in the Palouse).  Harvest has started so it’s dusty and hot and miserable.  And those who do preserve foods for later are stuck in the kitchen under mounds of goods to be frozen, canned, or whatever.

August is just a blah sort of month.  For me, this August is going to be different.  We’re starting a new healthy plan and striving to come up with ways to stay healthy and in motion.

I think the Olympics has something to do with part of what I am about to tell you.  I don’t have cable so I’m not watching them.  I don’t really care about the Olympics but it keeps creeping into conversations.  Recently, a friend of mine asked if I could do an Olympic sport what would it be.  I had no idea but I got to thinking about some of my favorite sports like activities.

Did you know Badmitton is an Olympic sport?  I didn’t either until I looked up how to spell Badmitton (I was afraid of leaving out a letter).  All this talk of sports and fun has lead to this deep hankering to play Badmitton Ball.

What’s that? you ask.  I’ll tell you – One summer we had a family reunion at a camp.  It was an amazing experience – we’re in nice little rooms next to the lake.  There’s minature golf, canoeing and all sorts of activites.  There was even an indoor gym with a volleyball net.

My mother came prepared with game equipment including a dozen badmitton rackets and birdies (our dollar store often sells a racket and a birdie as a set so we invested in enough for everyone).  How this game came about, no one knows but it wasn’t long before we were playing badmitton in a modified version of volleyball.

There’s no real rules and we played with the number of people interested but for the sake of arguement – here’s the best instructions I can come up with (remember it’s about having fun not really following the rules).

Divide your group into two equal teams (six per team works best).  We’ll call them team A and team B.

Set up your team in two rows of three.  Team A serves first (how you determine team A is up to you).  The goal is to get the birdie over the net.  Team B then tries to return the birdie in three hits or less.  Honestly, as long as the birdie doesn’t hit the ground it’s still in play but if you are big on rules then three hits is the limit.  Team A attempts to hit the birdie over the net and that continues until the birdie hits the ground.

The team that kept the birdie in the air last gets a point.  Then team B serves and the game continues.  After the first serve – the members of the team rotate clockwise before each serve so everyone has a chance to serve.

We played to 10 points but you can play to a number that works for you.  I encourage you to make up your own game and share it here.  In the meantime, anyone up for a game – I have rackets.