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A friend of mine’s daughter started a facebook page dedicated to desserts (like her page here).  In support of her page, I thought I’d jump in and try some of her recipes.  *She shares recipes from other sites not her personal ones.

With Saturday being my Dad’s birthday, I thought I’d make the coconut cupcakes.  I made them pretty close to the recipe.  The only substitutions I made were coconut oil for the butter, whole white wheat flour for the all purpose flour and rum for the extracts.  I used vanilla sugar and the rum flavoring just seemed to compliment the coconut better. 

They were tasty but the cupcakes were so dry.  I compared my results with the picture on the post and they looked the same.  Now I didn’t use the same frosting because I was in the middle of making cream cheese and it wasn’t ready in time. 

They came out more like a sweet bread instead of a cake but that didn’t stop us from enjoying them.

You will notice that my cupcakes are exactly frosted – they’re glazed.  I thought my Dad had stuff at his house to make frosting.  I had made up the batter at my house and opted to bake at his while my son was busy making waffles.  I used silicon baking cups and I have to tell you – these cupcakes slid right out of them with no mess behind.  For that I am in love.

So I had cupcakes and no frosting.  I rummaged my Dad’s pantry and found a can of sweetened condensed milk.  I knew he kept a stockpile of almond bark for his dipped pretzels.  So I melted 3 squares of almond bark until smooth and added about 1/3 of a can of the milk to make the glaze.  I then dipped the cupcakes in the glaze instead of frosting them.  My dad was thoroughly impressed with the technique.