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Where to start?  Shall I tell you about my family or how much this blog has inspired me?

I think I’ll start with my family.  We’re weird.  My parents and I’m sure my grandparents were weird once (I only knew one grandmother growing up and she didn’t share her sense of humor very often).  We love movies.  We love the Muppets.  We’re the sort of people who break out into song in the produce section of the grocery store or start giggling over the same remembered quote while sitting in church.  We have our favorite lines and we go through phases.  Currently, we’ve been doing a lot of animal quotes.  We love his Mama from this video and his Danny Boy.  I love his line of acting natural in the latest Muppet movie.  If I can find that video – I’ll be sharing it here.

I loved Jim Henson when I was a kid.  He was like a God to me.  I knew I was going to grow up and join him in New York.  I have no idea what I was going to do but I was going to be there with the best man who ever lived.  I was a freshman in high school when he died.  I cried for hours after the announcement.  I wore black and covered my hair and face in black lace for days (if I remember correctly the black lace mysteriously disappeared on day two and reappeared a week later when the whole mourning phase was over).  I was destroyed (and a little melodramatic -okay a lot melodramatic).

My whole world was crushed that day.  I survived as I would several more crushes but no one really understood what I was going through.  My parents tried to console me with – we all loved the muppets and we will miss the man who created them.  The muppets weren’t everything, just a part of a larger purpose.  This was a man who loved, taught, created laughter who was no longer in the world.  He was a light that was gone.  He would no longer be.  His wisdom and spark was no longer in this world.  And I cried because I wanted to be a part of that and now I never would.

That didn’t mean his inspiration was over.  His words still exist.  The magic lives on and I remember that nearly every day.  Every laugh carries him.  I have my memories and I have so much to still offer this world.  I still have time to share my own magic.

There was a time when I had decided that I could never be whole.  I don’t know why but I started slicing off parts of my life from parts of the world.  I started a blog and then another.  Every time I came up with something I wanted to share, I started another blog.  At one point I had five blogs.  It’s exhausting.  I was afraid to share all of me.  I wasn’t even free to be me on facebook.  I thought it was because there was expectations – of me, of what I wrote.  Facebook is a hot bed of contention and I wasn’t going to fuel the fire at the expense of me.

Then my wonderful, beautiful friend Shauntelle made an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She needed guinea pigs to work with to see if she could help with marketing/branding.  I jumped in without any idea of why I really wanted to do this.  I knew I wanted to sell my lotions and eventually, someone might be silly enough to publish a book I wrote.  What she gave me in return was a forum to be me.

One of the first things I thought of, as I planned this blog, was that I could share music.  I love music and I couldn’t wait.  And, weirdly enough, muppets started looking like a theme.  On Friday, I decided I needed to do Muppet Mondays and here we are.  I have a long and growing list of videos that I plan on sharing each Monday.  I promise that I won’t add long winded posts about random thoughts (or many – maybe I’ll promise to try).

Feel free to share your favorite Muppet memory.  Do you remember when Jim Henson was still alive?  Did you cry when he died?