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Scary Mommy Nation

I’ve become the sort of person who only gives locally because so many charity donations don’t really go to the charity.  For example, you get a phone call to donate money to the state’s police fund.  Those donations don’t all go to the police fund because they have to pay the telemarketers.  Some telemarketing companies offer the charity a percentage, others a lump sum while the company takes the rest.  Personally, I don’t want to support telemarketers – I know I should since the operators need to make money too but that doesn’t always benefit my community and I believe community comes first.

I donate to the local food bank and to various children’s groups when I can.  I know the money goes to support those in my community who need the help. 

However, sometimes there are charities that don’t benefit my physical community that I still support.  One is momwriters – they are the best support group I have ever come across.  At Christmas time, they collect toys and money to send gifts to children in need.  All year long, a group of women make blankets to send to members who have just had a baby or who are going through a rough time.  They also make hats in the winter for those in need.  No one is turned away.  Momwriters is an open group that focuses on women and writing but men join and not everyone is a devout writer.  It’s become a community of friends and neighbors.  They don’t ask for much but I will – if you want to support the group, they are always looking for crochet squares (they do accept knitted squares but they are more difficult to match up) or completed baby blankets.  If you are interested I can put you in touch with the lady in charge.

Now as much as I love a good plug for momwriters, they are not the reason I started this post.  Today, I got a donation request from a charity that I am not overly familiar with but I’ve had a chance to get to know the woman in charge (just a little).  More importantly, I love the cause and wanted to share.  Scary Mommy is a blog that focuses on being a parent and the real choices moms make.  Scary Mommy Nation is her charity designed to provide money to help families that depend on free school lunches to survive the summer.  Each donation is matched and families in need get the benefit.  All the money goes to those in need and who can begrudge a charity that wonderful.