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I subscribe to a ton of blogs but I don’t necessarily read every post on every blog I subscribe to.  If I did, I’d do nothing but read blog posts all day long.  I do try to touch base with many of the blogs I follow but these five blogs – I read every word.  I can’t help they could write about watching paint dry and I’d cheer them on.

Cannelle et Vanille – I found this blog through Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.  This blog came highly recommended and I completely understand why.  Aran Goyoaga’s blog is an art.  She talks about food and her children and their experiences.  Each post is peppered with the most beautiful photographs.  Sometimes I forget there are words because I am captivated by her pictures.  I long to take pictures like hers.  She is gluten-free which is what first drew me to her blog but her recipes are so pretty that I never take the time to make them – what’s pretty to a bunch of boys.

Cold Antler Farm – Jenna’s blog is fairly new to me but I am so in love with this woman and her life.  I want what she has and I can’t wait until the day we’re swapping animal stories.  She’s got a small farm in New York state, works full-time and still finds time to teach classes and share her story.  This is my favorite post of hers.  I like that she’s figuring it all out.  She’s growing and learning and more than willing to share.

Poolside Musings – This is my dear friend’s blog.  It’s less about information and more about just having a good time.  It never fails to bring a smile to my face.  You’ll soon understand why we all refer to her as Tigger.  She’s got a big heart and is the best kind of friend to have – she’s fun and likes to play.  She’s serious when she needs to be but I like that she can dress up and play.  I admire her non-stop courage.  Check out her store while you’re at it.

Eat The Weeds – Green Deane cracks me up.  He’s a big foraging guru in Florida but he never hesitates to tell you the ugly truth.  I will warn you, his posts are filled with snippets of information and I often get lost but it never takes me long to figure out where he changed topic.  He includes links to get more information (either written by him or others).  What I like about him is that he’s not overly serious nor does he make foraging overly complicated.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook – Hank Shaw is another one I just can’t wait to read.  He does a fair amount of foraging but what makes him drastically different from Green Deane is that he shares how he eats what he forages (or hunts).  His recipes go from near junk food to gourmet.  He’s got something for everyone.  His posts show a true reverence for the food he collects but he also is honest with the struggle.  Some hunting/foraging sites give you the impression that the author is always successful and never has a bad day.  The opposite is almost always true.  It’s nice to hear stories of disappointment not because I feel he deserves it but because it makes my disappointments not feel so personal.

I hope you take the time to check out these blogs.  They are great places to go.  I feel connected to the authors and I only know one of them.  They have become sites I talk about.  It’s not uncommon to hear me say – did you read today’s hunter angler guy? (that’s because I can never remember the entire thing every time).  When I’m out in the woods I like to share Green Deane’s or Jenna’s stories.  I find myself musing to Poolside Musing or dreaming of apple trees after Aran makes tarts.